What Is Next For Sourav Ganguly After His Bcci President Stint?

Cricket fans follow the player selection updates way before a crucial match is set to hold. They feel the thrill to make today’s match prediction beforehand and enjoy foretelling the outcomes. The Indian Cricket was riddled with allegations and unsatisfactory performance in the 1990s. It was a dark age when fans predicted the outcomes due to the improper performance of the Indian cricket team. Even if the players were formidable in terms of skills, the team somehow was unable to give its best. It was the entry of the left-handed batsman Sourav Ganguly into the team that projected the beacon of hope for cricket admirers. His commendable form of ruling the off-side with his masterstrokes cheered the fans and brought them out of despair. The ‘God on the off side’ was named Dada by his fellow players due to his Bengali origin. He was part of the team when it was riddled with match-fixing. He took over the captaincy in 2000 and started a revolution. The significant changes in the team selection, training, practice, and other aspects were remarkable. Under his captaincy, the Indian cricket team reached the 2003 World Cup final. Later, the team etched its name on the list of formidable cricket teams with consequent wins. Under his guidance and captaincy, the Indian team defeated undisputed Australia, Pakistan, and other leaders. His career as the leading Indian batsman was remarkable, and he still holds many records.

Sourav Ganguly, as the BCCI President

After he retired from his journey of being a top-order batsman and the Indian captain, he participated in the IPL games for a few years. Later, he announced his retirement from the cricket world in 2008. It was not the end of his career as the flag bearer. He was nominated and selected as the BCCI president in 2019. It was during this time the BCCI was dwindling with his irresponsible actions. For 33 months, BCCI was not performing up to its mark, causing immense issues in formulating a team for various international tours. Riddled with confusion and chaos, the BCCI sought a new formidable face to lead. It was Sourav who took charge. The fans were overjoyed to see their beloved ‘Dada’ take charge of the future of Indian cricket. Despite his genius in leading a team and holding the top position in the BCCI, his career as president was riddled with shortcomings. There were times when he could not deliver his promises to the Indian women’s cricket team and the first-class players. Despite his tussle with Greg Chappell, an unholy figure in Indian cricket, players and admirers thought Sourav would be compassionate enough to do something he promised. Despite the hope, he was unable to deliver what he promised the first-class players during his tenure. His tenure ended in 2022.

Sourav’s Return as Director of Cricket for the Team Delhi

A spat during his tenure as the BCCI president ended his career in 2022. He expressed his willingness to continue as the president for a few years but was replaced by Roger Binny. His leadership skills catapulted the image of the IPL cricket format and made significant changes in the Indian cricket team. It was in January 2023 he decided to join as the Director of Cricket for the Delhi Capitals team. Previously, he worked as the sole mentor of the Delhi Capitals in 2019 alongside Ricky Ponting. After his four years of BCCI presidentship, this is the first professional cricket stint for this IPL team. Back in 2019, he was the advisor and mentor for the Delhi Capitals. He collaborated with Ricky Ponting, the former Australian cricket captain, to enhance the performance of this team. After a year of his advisory, he was chosen as the BCCI president. Now, he decided to regain the same position and work alongside Ricky as an advisor to strengthen the core of this IPL team. In fact, he has been approached to oversee almost all the verticals of the franchise of Delhi Capitals. He will also set his foot to look after the Dubai Capitals, an ILT20 team overseas. In fact, he has been chosen to take care of the Pretoria Capitals of the SA T20 leagues. The offers have been showering on Sourav due to his leadership skills. His remarkable success in elevating the brand image of the IPL during the pandemic and conducting an IPL overseas made his path to glory. The end of his BCCI presidential tenure seems to be just the beginning of better things. Under his captaincy and guidance, the Indian cricket team has achieved remarkable feats and shown its dominance in the cricket world. The same is expected to happen for the T20 formats in India, Dubai, and South Africa. He is also associated with the women’s cricket team and is willing to make it big. The recent achievements of the women’s cricket team have earmarked the success story. This stint will keep on going under his guidance, the admirers hope.

In a Nutshell

Sourav rose to the highest level of CAB and the BCCI and has played a significant role in bringing down the remarkable transformation of Indian cricket. Even during his captaincy, he built the reputation of the Indian cricket team from scratch when everything was going down south. Sourav’s career as a mentor and advisor has just started again. He will oversee the actions of Delhi Capitals (IPL), Pretoria Capitals (SA T20), and Dubai Capitals (ILT20). This is just the beginning of his long path of mentorship. Cricket fans hope to see a marvelous transformation of international cricket in different locations and formats. 

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