TNPL Points Table All Season All Teams 2016 to 2023

Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) is a professional T20 cricket league formed in 2016 by Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. The 2023 season will be the 7th season of the league as the 2020 season was not played due to covid. The league played between 8 teams representing 8 districts of Tamil Nadu. Here is the TNPL Points Table All Season 2016 to 2023.

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TNPL Points Table All Season 2016 to 2023

In Tamil Nadu Premier League 2023, there are a total of 8 teams namely Chepauk Super Gillies, Nellai Royal Kings, Dindigul Dragons, Salem Spartans, Lyca Kovai Kings, IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans, Ba11sy Trichy, and Siechem Madurai Panthers. Here is the TNPL Points Table All Season All Teams 2016 to 2023.

TNPL Points Table 2023

TNPL Points Table 2023
S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawPtsNRR
1.Lyca Kovai Kings (Qualifier)76112+2.155
2.Dindigul Dragons (Qualifier)76112+0.529
3.Nellai Royal Kings (Qualifier)75210+0.696
4.Siechem Madurai Panthers (Qualifier)7438-0.324
5.Chepauk Super Gillies (E)7346+0.683
6.IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans (E)7254-0.486
7.Salem Spartans (E)7254-1.244
8.Ba11sy Trichy (E)7070-2.009

TNPL Points Table 2022

S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawPtsNRR
1.Nellai Royal Kings761012+1.312
2.Chepauk Super Gillies752010+1.093
3.Siechem Madurai Panthers752010+0.368
4.Lyca Kovai Kings74308+0.627
5.IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans73406-0.362
6.Dindigul Dragons72504-0.475
7.Ba11sy Trichy72504-0.903
8.Salem Spartans71602-1.399

TNPL Points Table 2021

S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawPtsNRR
1.Ba11sy Trichy752010+0.710
2.Chepauk Super Gillies74209+0.562
3.Dindigul Dragons74308+0.396
4.Lyca Kovai Kings73307-0.088
5.Nellai Royal Kings73307-0.485
6.Siechem Madurai Panthers72405+0.616
7.Salem Spartans72405-0.730
8.IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans72405-1.142
TNPL Points Table All Season 2016 to 2023

TNPL Points Table 2020 – No League Due to Covid-19

S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawPtsNRR
1.Dindigul Dragons
2.Chepauk Super Gillies
3.Siechem Madurai Panthers
4.Lyca Kovai Kings
5.Ba11sy Trichy
6.IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans
7.Salem Spartans
8.Nellai Royal Kings

TNPL Points Table 2019

S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawPtsNRR
1.Dindigul Dragons761012+0.694
2.Chepauk Super Gillies752010+1.391
3.Siechem Madurai Panthers752010+0.703
4.VB Kanchi Veerans74308+0.552
5.Lyca Kovai Kings74308+0.255
6.Tuti Patriots72504-1.151
7.Ba11sy Trichy71602-0.486
8.Karaikudi Kaalai71602-2.019
Highest Points in TNPL Points Table All Season

TNPL Points Table 2018

S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawPtsNRR
1.Dindigul Dragons752010+0.992
2.Siechem Madurai Panthers752010+0.124
3.Lyca Kovai Kings74308+0.577
4.Karaikudi Kaalai74308+0.505
5.Tuti Patriots74308+0.432
6.Ba11sy Trichy74308-0.011
7.VB Kanchi Veerans71602-0.870
8.Chepauk Super Gillies71602-1.621
TNPL Points Table All Season 2016 to 2023

TNPL Points Table 2017

S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawNRPtsNRR
1.Tuti Patriots7700014+1.845
2.Chepauk Super Gillies7610012+0.501
3.Karaikudi Kaalai743008+0.033
4.Lyca Kovai Kings732028-0.086
5.VB Thiruvallur Veerans734006+0.546
6.Dindigul Dragons724015+0.347
7.Ba11sy Trichy716002-1.181
8.Siechem Madurai Panthers706011-2.576

TNPL Points Table 2016

S.No. TeamsMatWonLostDrawPtsNRR
1.Chepauk Super Gillies752010+0.964
2.Dindigul Dragons752010+0.698
3.Tuti Patriots74308+0.414
4.Lyca Kovai Kings74308+0.384
5.Karaikudi Kaalai74308+0.020
6.VB Thiruvallur Veerans74308-0.104
7.Ruby Kanchi Warriors72504-0.960
8.Siechem Madurai Panthers70700-1.411

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